Market Data

The costdata® market data allow you to make calculations and simulations for important company decisions, they save you from expensive mistakes and they are the indicator of your cost structure and competitiveness.

In order to be able to increase the added value of your purchased and self-made products continuously, a reliable database as a decision-making tool is indispensable. The knowledge of worldwide locations and suppliers constantly gains importance because make-or-buy-, relocation or global sourcing analyzes require detailed benchmarking of global operating companies.

With our databases, we offer you an objective and up-to-date foundation for your product decisions. We provide you with all the global data required for your product analyzes from a single source. Thus not only enable you to analyze your potential more precisely, but also give you the decisive time advantage in turbulent markets. With our collected market data, you will always know where you stand in comparison to the market, the competition or compared to other production sites.

Create a product cost calculation based on your actual costs. You simply enter the costdata® market data into your calculation and you will get the average market price. This approach gives you a costing comparison between your cost structure and the average cost structure of comparable companies in your market, based on your industry, company size, and region.

As well, competitor analyses can be carried out and prices calculated on the basis of the cost structures of your competitors. Therefore you will know if your product price is competitive. In addition, costdata® market data allow you to perform product relocations at the push of a button and analyze what product price would result in over 4,100 country regions, if you produce or buy the product there.