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The precision of your cost unit calculation triggers the profit of your company to a very large extent. The requirements concerning your calculation system are growing continuously due to the increased complexity of today´s calculation tasks:

  • Continuous improvement of calculation accuracy
  • Indication of potentials
  • Decision support through enhanced transparency
  • Make or buy and global sourcing decisions, evaluation of potential locations, bundling and changes of the product portfolio
  • Risk assessment
  • Alignment on customer needs (open book policy)

Available calculation systems hardly or not at all fulfill the above mentioned tasks.

The costdata calculation approach is characterized by a dynamical adjustment of the calculation to the cost situation of the company in the relevant calculation period. This increases the precision of your analyses essentially. Moreover the costdata approach offers you superior transpareny, so that all internal and external information needs can be fulfilled.

The possibility of integrating extensive data bases into the calculation faciliates you to perform simulations like make or buy decisions, global sourcing or production location evaluations within shortest time and with maximal accuracy.

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