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It is generally recognized that procurement has to break new ground to achieve its goals. Gaining transparency about your purchasing costs helps you to identify and implement unexpected potentials.

From our long-term consulting experience in different branches we know that measures aimed at increasing cost transparency always lead to a sustantially higher success of procurement performance. Reasons therefore are:

  • The justification of prices can be assessed
  • Negotiations are based on objective facts
  • Arguments for the price negotiation are derived
  • Optimizing potentials are revealed, so that a win-win-situation is created

The claim of all costdata-performances therefore is the creation and establishment of cost-transparency with the goal of identification and activation of your procurement potentials. We assess potentials based on real facts according to the relevant cost-situation of your supplier. Analyzing these these data with our own software programs we do not only identify your potentials but we are also able to realize them in the short-term.

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