Product Calculation

costdata® calculation

costdata® calculation is the calculation software for all areas of your company.

The software simulates and calculates product costs in all phases of the product life cycle.

In the development area, the application fulfills all requirements from prototype to serial part calculation. Design and variant changes can be simulated flexibly, precisely and quickly.

In the controlling area, it is the software for cost unit costing, systems and modules including all BOM parts lists, from the actual cost over the planned cost to the offer calculation. It ensures maximum accuracy and up-to-dateness, as the calculation adapts dynamically to the cost situation of the company in the calculation period. As a result, the software offers almost unlimited simulation options. This makes the application much more flexible than established ERP systems.

The sales department uses the application to present the product costs in order to be able to implement price demands in the negotiation meeting more successfully.

For purchasing costdata® calculation is the software for optimal product price determination. Product prices can be estimated very quickly as well as calculated with the highest accuracy and in great detail. With the information that the buyer gains in his day-to-day business through his supplier, he can identify and realize all saving potential. With more than 25 million market data available in the application and updated every 3 months, product prices can be quickly and accurately determined in more than 4,100 country regions.

The software has modules such as relocation calculation, cost driver analysis, contribution margin calculation with volume change, product comparison, supplier comparison calculator, cycle time calculator with automatic machine selection, currency converter, assembly calculator, capacity calculator etc. These modules identify and calculate saving potentials at the touch of a button.

Due to the included market data, costdata® calculation is a power tool that meets all requirements throughout the company. Strategic business decisions can be optimized through competitive analyses and relocation forecasts. The own cost situation can be analyzed very quickly by the comparison to the benchmark and also aligned to the conditions of the market. The application determines your own competitiveness and identifies optimization potential.